Blackberry Opera Mini Beta 5

I’ve been testing out Opera Mini Beta 5 on my Blackberry Storm for about a week now, and I’m ready to ditch both the Blackberry default browser and Opera Mini 4.

This build is FAST, and has really good tab support which works great on the nice Storm screen.

It is integrating with the rest of my Blackberry links (any time I would see a “Get Link” button before, now I see “Open in Opera Mini”) which is HUGE for me! I don’t have to wait five years to open a blog post through Blackberry’s crappy browser anymore.

The speed dial is really slick, I especially like the little “preview” icon of each site. It’s nice to see these “delighters” in a mobile browser that make you feel like you’re still using your desktop.

I used Opera Mini on my Storm before, but this new beta is a serious contender to Mobile Safari on the iPhone. Once it comes out of beta I will definitely put up a proper writeup, but I’m liking where this is going so far.


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