My Favorite Records of 2023

2023 was a really tough year. Like always, music is a great distraction when life throws you curveballs. Another year continuing the upward trend of bombastic death metal records, and I am here for it. Seems like there was a hole in my scrobbles from mid December to mid January. They changed up how their auth works across a few apps and I guess I didn’t notice. Music I performed on in 2023 Prompt (Beta) by Synth8 Bandcamp Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2022

Lots of really great records came out last year. It seems I’ve pared my listening down even more than I did last year. I’ve been playing more guitar and writing riffs more than listening to new music in my free time, I suppose. As usual, kind of a wide array of sounds in my tops again. To my favorites… 36.) Revocation - Netherheaven Youtube Music | Spotify Blasted me in the face. Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2021

Another weird year. I spent more time on practicing guitar and working on other stuff than listening to music, apparently, as my volume is down about 40% from last year. Guess I was focusing on other things. Anyway, 2021 was a great year for metal, yet again, and there was tons of new releases that made it fun to continue discovering music. And now, on to my favorites of the year… Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2020

“2020”. What a fucking year. Countless personal hardships encountered by everyone around the globe. I was no exception to this theme, in countless ways. Like all times of struggle, music is something that has always helped me to keep my head above water when all hope seems lost. It’s the one constant in a sea of tumultuous waves and upheavals where we have no control over except our own actions. It helped me through a very tough year, as I’m certain it did for many others. Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2019

2019 my consumption went down compared to previous years. I played even more guitar than last year, that’s probably why I didn’t listen as much. According to, I still listened to a lot. I also released an EP with Tides Cult. There’s 35 records instead of 25 because there were just too many good ones, I guess. I make the rules! Albums I released in 2019 Tides Cult - Your Memory Has Tarnished This Beautiful Place Google Play | Spotify | Bandcamp Read On →