My Favorite Records of 2020

“2020”. What a fucking year. Countless personal hardships encountered by everyone around the globe. I was no exception to this theme, in countless ways. Like all times of struggle, music is something that has always helped me to keep my head above water when all hope seems lost. It’s the one constant in a sea of tumultuous waves and upheavals where we have no control over except our own actions. It helped me through a very tough year, as I’m certain it did for many others. Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2019

2019 my consumption went down compared to previous years. I played even more guitar than last year, that’s probably why I didn’t listen as much. According to, I still listened to a lot. I also released an EP with Tides Cult. There’s 35 records instead of 25 because there were just too many good ones, I guess. I make the rules! Albums I released in 2019 Tides Cult - Your Memory Has Tarnished This Beautiful Place Google Play | Spotify | Bandcamp Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2018

2018 I consumed about as much as 2017, I think. Played even more guitar than last year. According to that is confirmed. I also released an EP and a single with two different bands, hopefully there will be more in 2019. Albums I released in 2018 Uncouth - Ego Depletion Google Play | Spotify | Bandcamp About Thieves - Bridging the Old and the New Google Play | Spotify | Bandcamp Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2017

2017 I feel like I listened to less new stuff than last year. I also think I went to more live shows and played more guitar so who knows? According to I did still consume quite a bit, these were my favorites. Albums I released in 2017 Uncouth - Tree of Woe And now, on to my favorites of the year… 25.) The Contortionist - Clairvoyant Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2016

2016 was just as musically fruitful as 2015 was. According to, I, once again, listened to a shit load of records this year. Some staples, many new faces, many incredible records! Let’s get it on! 25.) Deftones - Gore I’ve been a giant fanboy for these guys since Adrenaline. This is one of my most listened to albums from last year, and I thought it was excellent. Chino can do no wrong. Read On →