My Favorite Records of 2018

2018 I consumed about as much as 2017, I think. Played even more guitar than last year. According to that is confirmed. I also released an EP and a single with two different bands, hopefully there will be more in 2019. Albums I released in 2018 Uncouth - Ego Depletion Google Play | Spotify | Bandcamp About Thieves - Bridging the Old and the New Google Play | Spotify | Bandcamp Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2017

2017 I feel like I listened to less new stuff than last year. I also think I went to more live shows and played more guitar so who knows? According to I did still consume quite a bit, these were my favorites. Albums I released in 2017 Uncouth - Tree of Woe And now, on to my favorites of the year… 25.) The Contortionist - Clairvoyant Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2016

2016 was just as musically fruitful as 2015 was. According to, I, once again, listened to a shit load of records this year. Some staples, many new faces, many incredible records! Let’s get it on! 25.) Deftones - Gore I’ve been a giant fanboy for these guys since Adrenaline. This is one of my most listened to albums from last year, and I thought it was excellent. Chino can do no wrong. Read On →

Ubuntu gnome-terminal vim / tmux settings to preserve colors and shortcuts

Recently, I’ve been using vim within tmux for a lot of my development. It’s been a very good experience on Ubuntu 16.04 in gnome-terminal. However, the colors were not identical within tmux as they are in standalone vim. Obviously, this really bothers you after a while. Well, not a while. Pretty much immediately, haha. But I put up with it to forego shaving that yak in order to actually get shit doneā„¢. Read On →

My Favorite Records of 2015

2015 will go down as another legendary year of hard rock and metal album releases this decade. According to, I listened to a shit load of records this year. My number 1 and number 2 entries this year were the closest they’ve ever been. Let’s get it on! 25.) Indian Handcrafts - Creeps I had heard the first track off this record on a whim from a soundcloud recommendation, and I loved it. Read On →