New House!

As of October 26th, 2009, I am a new homeowner! It’s been a pretty rough couple of weeks getting things set up. The home I purchased is in Elgin, IL, a suburb of Chicago about 20 minutes from my office. Myself and my girlfriend, Karen, are currently living there. We got the whole house painted (there were some VERY BRIGHT yellows all over that place…) and mostly furnished, and now the few maintainance issues I have to address are on the task list. Read On →

Griffin PowerJolt Dual Universal

I just received this in the mail this morning! The Griffin PowerJolt Dual Universal gives you not one, but TWO USB ports in your car’s 12 volt accessory socket! I find myself taking hour long car trips a lot, which equates to two hours of total drive time. Since I use an iPod for all of my musical goodness in my car, if I start the trip with a low charge it might not make it. Read On →

Blackberry Opera Mini Beta 5

I’ve been testing out Opera Mini Beta 5 on my Blackberry Storm for about a week now, and I’m ready to ditch both the Blackberry default browser and Opera Mini 4. This build is FAST, and has really good tab support which works great on the nice Storm screen. It is integrating with the rest of my Blackberry links (any time I would see a “Get Link” button before, now I see “Open in Opera Mini”) which is HUGE for me! Read On →

Building a Blackberry Application From Scratch

Today I began work on designing my first Blackberry smartphone application. I plan on documenting all the happenings here. Stay tuned for something interesting, whether it’s good or bad.

Documentation...(Un)Necessary Evil?!

I hate writing documentation. Loathe it like I loathe Oprah (need a seperate post for all the ranting involved in that one…). But it is necessary. Writing a piece of software without documentation is like having a movie that is just the ending. How’d you get to this point? Where do I start? How did all this come about? Why are you doing this? Documentation aims to answer all these questions for your fellow developers, especially in a team environment. Read On →