Building a Blackberry Application From Scratch

Today I began work on designing my first Blackberry smartphone application. I plan on documenting all the happenings here. Stay tuned for something interesting, whether it’s good or bad.

Documentation...(Un)Necessary Evil?!

I hate writing documentation. Loathe it like I loathe Oprah (need a seperate post for all the ranting involved in that one…). But it is necessary. Writing a piece of software without documentation is like having a movie that is just the ending. How’d you get to this point? Where do I start? How did all this come about? Why are you doing this? Documentation aims to answer all these questions for your fellow developers, especially in a team environment. Read On →

Stream an Excel Workbook to a Client

A short while ago I came to a realization that the ice:dataExporter component that I was using to export table data from my ICEFaces application was not behaving exactly how I liked it. I noticed that when I would refresh the table (which worked great on the UI) and then re-export the file, I would get the SAME data in my output workbook. After some Googling and stackoverflowing, I came up with a solution that appears to be working great for my needs. Read On →

Icon-only PermaTabs Collection of Add-ons for Firefox

This might not be news to everyone (or anyone…) but the kind folks over at Lifehacker have put together a great post that streamlines how to set up permanent tabs in Firefox and some other goodies for GMail & Google Reader. I’ve been using this set up for only about an hour or so and I am already kicking myself for not installing Better GMail 2 & Better GReader 2 before today (considering how much I use these applications). Read On →

ICEFaces DisposableBean and Cleaning Up Session Resources

Here’s the scenario: Your user has this web application that runs a data process. Say, power through a 2GB file and run some processing on each record. Fairly straightforward back end logic, maybe aggregate a column on the file and write the total to a SQL database somewhere. Whatever. Let’s say this process takes upwards of 45 minutes - 1 hour to complete, depending on the input file. In order to assure that the process finishes to completion we want to set our session timeout to be something longer than that. Read On →