Enabling Syntax Highlighting in Blogger

This evening I wanted to put a little effort into enabling syntax highlighting for code in my posts here on Blogger. The process started innocently enough, but there were a few trip ups along the way, so I decided to share them here. I chose to use syntaxhighlighter, which is hosted on Google Code. It is an all JavaScript solution to syntax highlighting that seems to play nicely with Blogger. Read On →

I'm All In...

I’ve been putting this off for such a long time. I remember back to a time that was not too long ago, before I had completed my undergraduate studies. I distinctly recall feeling like I had enough things running around inside my head to fill an entire library of novels. I remember imagining vast wastelands spanning half a globe, creatures from the dark void of space, and entire civilizations of beings that I had never hoped of ever meeting. Read On →