Giving Tomcat More Memory in an Eclipse Development Environment

Sometimes when running tomcat inside eclipse there are processes that throw OutOfMemory errors (creating an extremely large Excel file, for instance) that are not thrown on our production servers. By default, Eclipse runs tomcat with 64MB of maximum memory, even if you set up Eclipse to use more memory by editing the eclipse.ini file (I have mine set to 1024, and tomcat still runs at 64MB). Eclipse makes it really easy to pass command line arguments to your Tomcat instance every time it is started. Read On →

Enabling Syntax Highlighting in Blogger

This evening I wanted to put a little effort into enabling syntax highlighting for code in my posts here on Blogger. The process started innocently enough, but there were a few trip ups along the way, so I decided to share them here. I chose to use syntaxhighlighter, which is hosted on Google Code. It is an all JavaScript solution to syntax highlighting that seems to play nicely with Blogger. Read On →

I'm All In...

I’ve been putting this off for such a long time. I remember back to a time that was not too long ago, before I had completed my undergraduate studies. I distinctly recall feeling like I had enough things running around inside my head to fill an entire library of novels. I remember imagining vast wastelands spanning half a globe, creatures from the dark void of space, and entire civilizations of beings that I had never hoped of ever meeting. Read On →